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Freshmen participate in First-Year Academy

2016 first year academy

On Monday, August 15, the WVU Reed College of Media held its annual First-Year Academy (FYA) – the official academic kick-off to the fall semester.

Dean Maryanne Reed welcomed to campus more than 130 students from 17 states. As part of FYA, students participated in a downtown campus scavenger hunt, learned about the various majors and had the opportunity to meet and network with their professors and classmates.

“It’s been such a great experience meeting all of these new people and learning my way around campus,” said freshman Jensen Mills. “Everyone is so friendly and is working to put their best foot forward to provide us the best education.”

FYA is held prior to the start of classes and complements the New Student Orientation experience most students participated in during the summer. Freshmen learn about the culture and values of WVU and gain onsite knowledge of the campus and its resources.

“We want our freshmen to make a connection to the College, each other and upperclassmen,” said Tricia Petty, assistant dean for student and enrollment services. “When students feel like they belong it helps them make a more successful transition into college.”

In addition to creating a sense of community, FYA aims to ease the transition between high school and college, connect students to student services staff and student ambassadors as well as educate them on the history of the College and offer insights into opportunities in the media and journalism fields.

Freshman Ireland Butler says she’s already feeling positive about her future.

“I’m excited to see how attending the College of Media will impact the way I utilize my journalistic skills now and how my education will change my future.”

You can learn more about FYA online.