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The Knight Foundation issues News Challenge

The Knight Foundation is issuing a call for ideas about how libraries might be used in the future. Libraries are key for improving Americans’ ability to know about and to be involved with what takes place around them. The library has been a vital part of our communities for centuries—as keepers of public knowledge, spaces for human connection, educators for the next generations of learners. While habits are changing, those needs have not. The Foundation wants to discover projects that help carry the values of libraries into the future.

There are no specific projects in mind, and this contest is open to anyone, from public libraries to universities to businesses, nonprofits and individuals. The Foundation believes passionately in the role libraries have played in helping people learn about and participate in the world around them and wants to support the next generation of that essential endeavor.

What captures your imagination about the future of libraries? From September 10 to September 30, you’re invited to submit your idea to win a share of $2.5 million, which we’ll award in January of 2015 to the most compelling teams and projects. After submissions close, participants will have the opportunity to refine their submission during the feedback and refinement phases.

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