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Paid intern needed for video interviews and editing

The Zero Tolerance Driving Initiative seeks two WVU Journalism students to extend help extend campaign awareness. This position is paid.

The two opportunities below must be completed by February 25, 2013 and each pays a $150 stipend.

1. Video Editing: Intern will use raw and amateur recordings taken during a DUI checkpoint where students passed out Mothers Against Drunk Driving brochures (MADD) to random drivers. The intern would use the recording to produce two separate videos intended to:

A. deter drinking and driving by communicating that the chances of getting caught have increased. Video should highlight police officers using the new “Buzzkill Flashlight” technology to detect low levels of alcohol.

B. represent students’ opinion on the Buzzkill Flashlight and whether they believe it’s an effective tool to save lives in our community.

2. Video Interview: Intern will interview a victim of drunk driving in the state of West Virginia to determine its impact on the victim’s life. Dinner will be provided for the interview participants at a local restaurant. A short bio of the intern conducting the interview will be requested to highlight their career goals and their feelings towards drinking and driving in their community.

Interested students should send a brief description of qualifications prior to January 31, 2013 to:

Lova Jaros, Program Manager
West Virginia University
School of Public Health
RCB HSC, PO Box 9190
Morgantown, WV 26506-9190
(Phone) 304-293-0669 (Fax) 304-293-3845