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Apply for August Graduation--Deadline June 8

If you anticipate graduating in August of 2012, you must complete a application packet and return it to Ronda Maxon in 107 Martin Hall by June 8, 2012. You MUST complete and return the application by this date to ensure an audit is completed before second summer session starts.

You must make sure to mark the correct term of graduation, August on your application. Students will only be graduating in August if they are completing all of their course requirements at the end of the summer semester.

Please return your completed application to 107 Martin Hall, please place it in the envelope on Ronda’s cubicle marked Completed Graduation Applications. You may also fax or mail the application back to our offices. A completed graduation application must also include a phone number at which I may contact you in case I have any questions.

Questions about graduation certification should be directed to Ronda at .