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The Des Moines Register seeks graphic artist

The Des Moines Register is seeking top-notch graphic artist candidates to join its strong and reputable art team. The ideal candidate would be a strong visual journalist with collaborative skills to work with reporters, editors and photographers in the conception and execution of meaningful and sophisticated packages. The ideal candidate would have experience building maps and charts in news settings, as well as strong illustration and design skills. The artist will also have the opportunity to report and create larger info-graphics. We’re a Gannett news operation that places a high
premium on smart, relevant and engaging presentations that visually showcase the most important local headlines daily. Interested candidates should apply to graphic artist Kelli Brown at

Specific skills should include:

  • creating maps
  • building bar, pie and line charts
  • cutouts
  • strong writing and reporting skills
  • data analysis
  • conceptual illustrations

Required program knowledge:

  • Proficiency with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Some understanding and proficiency with Adobe Flash and web programming
  • Excel and Microsoft Office
  • 3-D software knowledge a plus
  • CCI and Layout Champ knowledge a plus