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FlowCo Applications seeks communication and graphic design interns

FlowCo Applications, LLC., a mobile application design and development company in Morgantown, W.Va., has a need for communication professionals and graphic designers.

They are looking for summer interns, with the potential for continued employment. Their office is located in the United Bank building across from Ruby Memorial Hospital.

Co-founder and CEO Armand Patella III said, “By applying to work as an intern with FlowCo Applications one will be furthering their personal growth through being a vital part of a growing company.

Due to the age of FlowCo things happen fast. With this speed will come responsibility.”

All interns require:

  • Great project management skills
  • Basic User Interface knowledge – iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Window OS and Palm.
  • Desire to constantly improve
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Able to work in office as well as remotely
  • Driven in the sense that outside motivation is not needed. We thrive off of each others work ethic and all potential employees will reflect the same mindset

Communication interns:

  • Phenomenal networking skills
  • A strong understanding and creativeness in using the English language
  • Well versed in engagement via social media channels. Must be able to name three social networks beyond: Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.
  • Must be able to exchange emails with the tenacity of a famished cheetah

Graphic designers must:

  • Proficient in Adobe Suite: Focus on Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Be unafraid to push the envelope
  • Understand how art and technology work together
  • Be able to work well with high quality images

If you are interested, contact Armand Patella at the following:
Cell: (410) 852-4569
Twitter: @a3ella