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Online magazine seeks video editor/intern

Connotation Press, a new Online Art and Literary Magazine, is seeking an intern to edit videos. This internship will provide professional experience with an online magazine. Our videos in need of editing will usually be interviews with artists and footage of live music. We prefer an editor who has and is familiar with their own software, since our monthly deadlines will begin immediately. Connotation Press can provide video editing software, as long as you can quickly familiarize yourself with it. Work times will be flexible, but there will be some crunch times when video footage comes in very close to a publishing deadline; therefore, we need someone who can handle working under tight time frames. In addition to video editing, if you are interested in learning more about the inner workings of an online magazine or the taping of an interview or a live show, you will have the opportunity to work on more aspects of the magazine. Contact Ken Robidoux @