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Scholarships & Financial Aid

2017-18 College of Media Scholarship Application

All applications must be received by  February 15th, 2017, by 4pm.

The  West Virginia University Office of Financial Aid offers financial support to eligible undergraduate students in a variety of forms, including loans, grants, scholarship and work-study opportunities.

In addition, the generosity of WVU Reed College of Media alumni and friends helps to provide financial support for our undergraduate students, as well as professional development opportunities for both students and faculty.

Because of this generosity, the College of Media is able to award its own undergraduate student scholarships each year. Undergraduate students apply for College of Media scholarships in a process separate from WVU scholarships by submitting an  College of Media Scholarship Application during the spring semester. Students are notified via  WVU Reed College of Media eNews about the application process and deadlines.

To be considered for a College of Media scholarship, students must have a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and also file a FAFSA form by March 1 of the preceding academic year. (See the WVU Financial Aid website for more information.)

Students do not apply for individual College of Media scholarships but are matched to individual scholarship funds based on scholarship criteria, including academic performance, financial need, geographic location and other parameters. A limited number of College scholarships are also available to incoming freshmen.

College of Media scholarships are awarded in the late spring and cover the upcoming academic year.

The College also offers a limited number of Student Enhancement Awards, cash awards to students who have secured major-market journalism internships or have been accepted in a journalism study-abroad programs. Awards typically range from $500 to $1,000. Complete details, deadlines and application materials are available in the application packet.

For more information, please contact one of the College’s Advising Center staff at:

Demetrius Greer
(304) 293-8538

Aaron Hawley
(304) 293-9469

Kayla Poling
(304) 293-5686

Emily Roush
(304) 293-5873

Graduate students also are eligible to apply for financial aid through West Virginia University, typically in the form of loans. In addition, the College offers a limited number of merit-based graduate assistantships to students enrolled in the  Master of Science in Journalism program. For more information, please contact the College’s Director of Graduate Studies Dr. Steve Urbanski at 304.293.6797 or