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Mission, Vision & Goals

Our Mission

The WVU Reed College of Media prepares its students to excel as professional communicators, scholars and innovators in a rapidly changing global media environment.

Our Vision

The WVU Reed College of Media will become a national leader in education and scholarship that meets the demands of a dynamic communications industry and strengthens media’s role in a democratic society.

Our Strategic Goals

Prepare students to succeed in an industry characterized by rapid change, technological innovation and globalization.
  • OBJECTIVE 1: Increase student enrollment through targeted recruitment and retention strategies.
  • OBJECTIVE 2: Develop rigorous academic programs that can adapt to an evolving media industry.
  • OBJECTIVE 3: Provide opportunities for students to develop professional networks and gain real-world experience.
  • OBJECTIVE 4: Adopt innovative instructional methods that enhance education and opportunity for traditional and non-traditional students.
Excel in research and creative scholarship that advances WVU’s research goals and the College’s focus on media innovation.
  • OBJECTIVE 1: Increase the quantity and quality of faculty research.
  • OBJECTIVE 2: Develop a national reputation for research in digital and mobile media innovation.
  • OBJECTIVE 3: Increase graduate enrollment by expanding and promoting graduate offerings.
  • OBJECTIVE 4: Increase external grant funding for research and outreach projects.

Provide students with multicultural and global perspectives through academic and extracurricular programs.

  • OBJECTIVE 1: Increase enrollment of high-performing students from diverse backgrounds.
  • OBJECTIVE 2: Increase the number of high-profile faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds.
  • OBJECTIVE 3: Emphasize diversity and global perspectives through the established curriculum.
  • OBJECTIVE 4: Increase the number of students studying abroad and having international experiences.
  • OBJECTIVE 5: Create international and cross-cultural academic partnerships that lead to an exchange of students, faculty, and programs.
Enhance local and global communities by sharing faculty and students’ skills, research and communications expertise.
  • OBJECTIVE 1: Strengthen and revitalize community media through applied research and outreach.
  • OBJECTIVE 2: Help communities solve problems using new media tools and current communication strategies.
  • OBJECTIVE 3: Participate in multidisciplinary service projects that address and help solve problems in the region.